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PRIMA® Lab is a young and dynamic Swiss company, committed to the development and production of diagnostic devices. Prima Home Test is at the service of health and personal care, thanks to a wide range of Self Test: from lipid panel control devices to pregnancy tests.


Our products are dedicated to both professional and private use, with studies and projects available in the field of immunochemistry, dedicated to the health sector (including laboratories and hospitals), and for use in the home for rapid assessment of the state of Health. Our knowledge and experience allow us to grow and expand our offer and services, with the aim of satisfying the growing needs of our customers, both B2B and B2C.


The prestigious European and international collaborations have allowed us to explore new projects and realities, both in the diagnostic sector and in the pharmaceutical sector, which makes us the ideal partner for carrying out self-tests. CE certification: fast, simple and reliable

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Test Colesterol
Test infección urinaria
Test Celiquía
Test de Ovulación
Test Tetanos
Test Alergia
Test Menopausia
Test Tiroides
Test Hierro
Test Albulimia
Test Multidrogas
Test Helicobacter pylori
Test Prostata
Test Colon y recto Fob
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