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SEPTONA is a Greek company and is established today as one of the leading personal hygiene products companies.


SEPTONA has a sophisticated quality control system in each production process, ensuring the production of high quality personal hygiene products.


Therefore, SEPTONA is today synonymous with QUALITY, PURITY and NATURALITY in the personal hygiene of millions of consumers around the world.


Discos de Algodón Septona 100

Discos de Algodón Septona 70 Pza

Discos de Algodón Septona 60+60

Sin título-1-07

Cotonetes Septona Pote Kids 100 Unid.

Sin título-1_Mesa de trabajo 1

Cotonetes Septona Pote Baby 50 Unid.

Sin título-1-03

Septona Cotonetes Pote 200 Unid.

Sin título-1-04

Septona Cotonetes Pote 100 Unid.

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Septona Cotonetes Bolsa 100 Unid.

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Septona Cotonetes bolsa 200 unid + 100 gratis

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